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vintage room with carpet
3 Dec 2020

2021 Carpet Trends

Carpets carry their own message and write their own stories. They are no longer the room’s backdrop but rather the focal point with their beauty and functionality. In 2021, expect to see original fun products with a mix of palettes, expression, and vibrant patterns as modern aesthetics take over.

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Here are your top 5 carpet trends in the look ahead to 2021.


Pollution problems affect everyone in different ways. Being eco-friendly is no longer a fashion statement, but a conscious choice to select safer alternatives. Carpet manufacturers now have a bigger focus on eco-friendly and recycled materials.
Recycled Carpets – a variety of recycled materials are used when manufacturing a whole or a part of a carpet.
Jute Rugs – Made out of coverings from the same plant fibers, jute rugs are not only stylish but also heavy duty. They are a good choice for a low-traffic area that avoids high humidity.
Sisal Products – These rope-like structures give off a homey feel. They are durable and withstand heavy traffic. If you are afraid of stains, select an option that is dirt of fire retardant.

Vintage Effect

These stylish based carpets are intentionally stripped of expression as well as color, their dense piles, and coloring. The aged effect has been in the carpet industry for years. Now, this effect can be done by special dyeing and removing the piles industrially.

Cut & Loop Piles

This type of carpet combines straight fibers with loop-like ones for a finished product complete with original geometric or abstract patterns. The combination of buttonholes makes contrasting textures and patterns. These modern designs depend on various textures and will not lose their relevance in 2021.


The plushness of these carpets enhances the comfort and wellness of your home. The velvet pile or luxurious short loops add extra elements of softness, warmth, and comfort. This lavish ambiance is perfect for low-traffic areas.


Last but certainly not least, comes a carpet type that pairs unique color combinations and conflict patterns. Self-expression influenced this 2021 design as people strive to select a carpet that represents themselves, despite breaking traditional design principles. If you are looking for something that makes a statement while breaking the mold and doesn’t follow in the slow lane, this is definitely a style to look into.

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